Rich History of Roulette

Roulette is a name derived from the French word which means "small wheel." Roulette is a form of gambling where the dealer (croupier in French) has to spin the wheel in one track and the ball in an opposite track of the tilted spherical surface revolving around the edge of the wheel.

In France, during 1800's, roulette was created. It is believed that a roulette wheel is the result of the mixture of the different wheel games by Englishmen such as Ace of Hearts, E.O and Roly-Poly and by the Italian games Biribi. The name "roulette" was coined from a board game in France.

Roulette has not change at all ever since it has been a regular game in Paris during 1796. The initial depiction of the modern roulette was written in "La Roulette, Ou Le Jour," a Jaques Lablee's French novel. The roulette was mentioned in the Palais Royal of Paris. The German casino in Homburg around 1843 is where Louis and François Blanc launched the roulette wheel with a single 0 (zero) so it would become competitive to other casinos where the wheels offer single to double 0's house advantage.

The early designs of the wheels of American roulette had numbers from 1 to 28, single and double zero house advantages, plus the American eagle. Roulette actually spread to Europe and USA in the 19th century. During the time that the Germans closed down all gambling lairs in 1860's, the French family Blanc continued operating to the only open and legal casino, the very famous Monte Carlo. In Monte Carlo, the Blanc family created the gambling center for high-class Europeans. The single 0 roulette is the leading and favorite game. Eventually, the single 0 roulette had reached different areas around the world and dominated the roulette world. Only in United States that the double 0 roulette prevails.

According to legend, the famous François Blanc had actually made a bargain with the devil so that he would get the well-kept secrets of the game of roulette. The legend arouse from the fact that the total of all the numbers (from 1 up to 36) on the roulette wheel is "666" which is believed to be the "number of the devil or beast"

In the start of the 20th century, the only famous and legal casino towns were found only in Monte Carlo which had the time-honored single 0 French roulette wheel and in Las Vegas that promoted the double 0 American roulette wheel. It was already 1970's when casinos boom and become accepted around the world.

In the year 2008, many casinos all over the world are already offering roulette games. The double 0 American roulette wheel dominates the United States, Caribbean and South America while the original French roulette wheel is played all over European countries.



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