Playing Roulette

Roulette is the most common game played in gambling casinos. A roulette wheel is 37 to 38 small numbers, which numbers from 00 (or 0) to 36. Each section of the wheel is alternately colored red and black, except the zero that are colored green or white. This is a game of random outcomes. Its unpredictability makes the game void of any system on how to win. It's straight out game of chance and a gamble. Betting systems cannot exist in a roulette game.

The wheel is placed in a wooden dish and is spun by a croupier, who is an employee of the casino establishment. What the croupier does is he rolls a small white ivory ball in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The slot where the ball rests on the wheel determines who wins the bet. Any number of players can place a bet.

They can place their chips on a table with a layout that corresponds to the numbers and colors of the wheel. The layout is arranged in a way that bet can be waged in individual numbers (including the 00), or on number categories, each with odds that varies according to the size of the category. The odds against a player who bets in roulette is 37 to 1, but when he wins the house only pays 35 to 1. So the house gets something either way. This is why casinos love having roulette in the house.

The only possible way, or the only thing you can do to reduce the chances of losing a roulette is to stay sober. Many casinos, if not all, offer roulette players free alcohol. You think that they're that for their promotion. No. Free alcohol spoils your judgement and you end up betting wildly, which you nevertheless call insane when you're sober. So the best advice for you to follow is don't drink alcohol while playing, or at least drink moderately.

For starters who want to familiarize themselves with roulette. Be warned with the game. It is one of those games that never loses in the long run. But for curiosity's sake, try out playing roulette online. There, you would know how to improve your odds somehow. Yes, even a roulette player can have skills on the game.

Full fledge gamblers play roulette and those who think lady luck may be their escort for the night. Other casino patron play roulette solely for the thrill and experience of somehow playing Bond, James Bond. But some gamblers don't take a seat on roulette tables because it's a game that is manifestly unobstructed by exploitable holes. Gambling using high skills are better for these guys.



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